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Aunt Rose helps moms clean up their debt.
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Why do I need help fixing my debt?

Every minute you wait is another minute the interest and fees are pilling up! The extra time you'll spend paying off that debt steals quality time from your family. When you're enjoying life's most precious moments and creating family memories, don't let worries about your debt get in the way! Click the "Learn More" button now to find out how Aunt Rose can help you!

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Who is Aunt Rose?

Aunt Rose is the loving aunt who is always there for you, has great advice, and knows how to help you out of a major bind. She doesn’t like it when her loved ones are taken advantage of and harassed by calls from debt collectors. She is on a mission to bring justice to those affected. Aunt Rose is ready to attack your debt with a vengeance.

$1 Million

Total debt cancelled by our partners 

3,500 +

Debts cancelled legally 


Average client savings when consolidating debt or receiving a settlement

Frequently asked questions

We help moms attack their debt with a vengeance and give them the advice they need to win at being a mom again!

We help moms attack their debt with a vengeance and give them the advice they need to win at being a mom again! 


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1732 1st Ave #21433, New York, 10128

Once we have spoken to you and received all the required information, we act fast to draft a customized plan for you. This plan will get you out of debt faster than the typical period of time it would take to pay it off without our help.
Depending on your debt solution options, we may be able to freeze your obligation to make your current balance payments and interest payments.
If you are struggling to make your monthly payments, the first thing to remember is you are not alone! Don't let a bad situation get the best of you! We are here to help and we always have a solution. As soon as you find yourself deep in debt, it is important that you get in touch with us to see how we can help you. Remember, we are in this together!
The monthly payments will be calculated based on what you can reasonably afford to pay after your living costs and your dependents are accounted for. The amount should be what you can actually afford to pay to get out of debt.